Design can make you happy, color has the power!

How design can help our well-being?
What do we feel when we observe one specific color?
Are these things somehow connected to each other?
Archicromia seeks to answer this question


Our daily life follows the gears of a wheel:
the wheel of knowledge, of changing, of pure energy.

Sicilian architects currently living around Europe.
Our lives turn around the desire to explore new boundaries but
at the same time the need to recharge of good energy coming back home, to our roots.


color consulting | restyling | online interior design projects

We are Archicromia and our goal is to help our clients to live in a
unique, energetic, positive and #inpalette space.


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We want to be promoters of good quality design, a gallery of inspirations for curious minds.
We search, we share, we recommend you great ideas.
Do you wanna take a ride with us?


Our design is dynamic, energetic, emotional and fresh.

Do you wanna be cool?
Feel free to get in touch with us!